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For over 5 years, I have been using Dyna-Buster for the seafood industry to break up the corrosion and rust on our equipment.


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DM-7 Moisture Displacer & Penetrate (Aerosol)

Sku: 126

DM-7 can be used for removing moisture from electric motors and switches. DM-7 helps prevent electrical failures - protects, restores and cleans. DM-7 displaces moisture and leaves a molecular film against moisture return.

Ignition Systems - Refrigeration Units - Switches - Car Repair - Water-Damaged Motors - Transformers - Controls - Batteries - Electric Circuits etc.

CA/OTC Acceptable

Net Weight:  12 oz.

Packaging:  12 Cans per Case

DM-7 Moisture Displacer & Penetrate (Aerosol)