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For over 5 years, I have been using Dyna-Buster for the seafood industry to break up the corrosion and rust on our equipment.


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DYNA-WIPES ® for Painters

Sku: 403

30 Towels per Canister Towel Size: 10"x12" Contains NO silicones. Fast - Effective - Non-Flammable - Non-Abrasive - Gentle to the Skin. No water needed. Great for cleanups - hands and equipment. Convenient and no extra cost for rags or cleaners.

Tape Residue - Caulking - Grease - Counter Stains - Scuff Marks - Tar - Asphalt - Urethane Sealant Removal and moreâ°°°

CA/OTC Acceptable

Packaging:  12 per Case

DYNA-WIPES ® for Painters